T-Lon Office in Hartland, WI T-LON: Over 30 Years of PTFE Seal Manufacturing Excellence.

You have our on-going assurance that your needs will be met with the most effective product and the most efficient, personal service.  Our organization has adopted a "continuous improvement" philosophy.  The goal is to address every customer need, from initial product development to inventory management.

We invite you to challenge this commitment.



Our PTFE Products

The versitility of our materials, combined with the service oriented expertise of our people, enable us to serve a wide variety of industries.

  • SES                                       Power Transmission
  • Imperial Seals                        Fluid Power
  • Metric Seals                           Food and Pharmaceutical
  • Bearings                                Oil and Gas
  • Industrial Back-ups                Off-Highway
  • Sanitary/Valve Seals               Chemical Processing
  • Custom Products                    Life Sciences                                            

Corporate Commitment

T-Lon Sign

Recognizing and responding to our customer is a corporate wide commitment that is not taken lightly. Each member of our talented and resourceful team is motivated to go the extra mile.


Innovative Engineering

Trust Experience - T-LON has been designing and manufacturing seals for over 30 years.  Let us help you.


Quality Assurance

The use of systems such as Multi-Point In-Process Checks and Statistical Process Control, insures that our products will continuously meet or exceed your expectations.


Integrated Manufacturing

Comprehensive molding and machining capabilities allow us to create and transform basic shapes such as rods, tubes, billets, and blanks into complex parts with precision tolerances and exacting finishes.